Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekend FogBlog

Is that the sound of a pipe being tamped that I hear? The creak of the elasticated waistband on a pair of comfy slacks? The clink of bottles and fluttering of a very nice 1970's Neal Schon afro in the breeze? Yes? THANK GOODNESS! It's the weekend FogBlog!
Well seeing as this is the first weekend of a FogBlog, I haven't quite worked out exactly what to post about.
Will it be interesting and on the cutting edge of a hobbyists enthusiasm for the subject? Will it be humourous but interesting rather in the vein of the classic 1970's weekend magazines TitBits and Reveille? A modicum of sadness tinged with pathos about how our world is getting stranger and more fragmented day in and day out? I don't know. I have an idea I will explore below, but in the meantime let me include a picture of how weekends used to look back in the '60's and '70's . . .

You see he managed to get three of the British religions of those times into one photograph! This has all been swept away now, by the sacrilege that is Sunday Shopping.
RIP Marty.
Anyway, I am now set on writing a wee bit about the passing of things that were religious and have gone. Photographically this occured in finality a couple of weeks ago when Kodak announced they would no longer be producing slide film. Again thank you Mr. Digital.
You are probably like me - a huge amount of your childhood memories are caught up in little squares and rectangles of coloured light held in a nice little cardboard holder - in other words, the ubiquitous slide. For my family (and my wife's too) these things were important. We used to view ours in a little Halina viewer - you popped the slide in the slot on the top and pushed down, the pressure of the slide brought a light on and the whole thing was wonderfully backlit and viewable through the viewing screen. Slides were such a big thing in my house that when my Dad retired, the one thing he wanted as a leaving gift was a Kodak projector and screen - which he got. What I can't understand is why he didn't ask for a better camera than our little Instamatic which had stood duty on all family events from about 1966 onwards!
My mother-in-law used an Agfa Sillette, and the lens on that is truly marvellous, images produced by it are nice and crisp. Anyway, back to the slide. That's it, Kodak ones are gone. I can understand it given their acute financial position, but it is still a sad thing.
The colours of 60's and 70's slide film (but especially 1960's) are incredible really. Fairly muted but real - not like the super-saturated stuff you get these days. They have an air about them and whether that is just imagination because they are childhood things or not I don't know. All I do know is that I treasure the small number of slides I have from when the world seemed a simpler place.

This was on Kodachrome which as you'll know vanished a few years back. Time was about 1968, and this was the cottage we were renovating. That's me in the middle, my Mum is on the right and my Aunty on the left. It is a poor scan, but the colours are still pretty great. Dad was behind the camera. And nearly 45 years later that one moment in time is still preserved in a nice, tight little cardboard square. Thanks Kodak.
On that note, I shall bid you a nice weekend. there'll be no FB tomorrow as I really have to get out and take some pictures of architecture, however all is not lost as I will post again on Monday and together we can stare down the barrel of another Monday morning.

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