Friday, March 16, 2012

Son Of Weekend FogBlog

This morning, I found myself twixt the horns of a dilemma. Do I go with the easy access, open backed, mule type slipper, or do I go for the full monty Grandad-style fully encapsulated but less easy to just slip on and off style of slipper? As you can tell, if themes like this are being contemplated, it can only be one thing . . yes, it's another Weekend FogBlog!
 I used to wear nothing but the feet I was born with, and found this a very comfortable way of moving around the house. This was until one holiday when we were staying in George Bernard Shaw's house in Dublin . . ok, it is actually a hotel now, and a very nice one too. However, one evening I decided that it might be a good idea if I really whacked my right set of toes off the leg of a bed, so hard that I would be crippled for the rest of our holiday. This I proceded to do, and you know what, I have worn slippers ever since. So, as I said at the start I am now in the depths of dilemma, as my £5 Asda specials are falling apart, and I am undecided as to what sort to choose. So there is a handy little poll to the right to help you to help me. I really am not sure. Thank you.
Anyway, what have slippers got to do with photography? Precious little as far as I can tell, though they do keep your tootsies protected, which made me think, A-ha! And I have pondered long and hard about this and have decided to do a wee post about camera cases. Possibly the most dull thing I can think of, and yet, useful. There are a plethora out there and all to a lesser or greater degree are useful. What I would say though is that I am sad to see the demise of the ever-ready case. Admittedly, a lot of them were rather hopeless, however find a battleship model like a CTTZ for a Nikon F, or a CH-4 for an F2, or an original Leicaflex ever-ready, and you have a thing of great and lasting beauty that will amaze you in its sheer out and out toughness. These were tough cameras, and the cases made them even tougher.
On that exciting note, I shall bid you adieu until Monday when together we can meet the juggernaut that is the working week with our crash helmets on.

The above was taken as I fell from a great height with nothing to protect me save a Nikon F2 in a CH-4 ever-ready case. Yes they are that tough.
Film was TMY2 400 at EI 320. developer Barry Thornton's 2-bath.
When I landed, I picked myself and carried on walking.

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