Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible

I know, I know, but what can I do - I've only got so many hours in the day. I've been cat-sitting for 9 hairy weeks, so that has sort of hampered any film-based stuff, I had DIY hell, Flat-Pack HELL (a 12 hour shift to build a 3 door wardrobe with shelves and lights) and just generally have been doing a ton of things other than photographing and writing about it. Never fear though, because like that patch of dry skin that always comes back, I'll return soon with more tales of terror and triumph . . and to be honest, I've missed you all. So until that chance turn and a meeting on the trail I'll bid you adieu (to you, and you, and you . . and you too).

 Schneider 90mm f8 Super Angulon, Kodak TXP 320, 1+25 Rodinal
Part Number 1A~438895949939

OK - I have done a wee bit of photography - I love the above - it reminds me of an Industrial Fittings Catalogue from the 1960's.
Film was the exquisitely creamy Kodak TXP 320, rated at EI 320, developed in 1:25 Rodinal for 7 minutes. Constant agitation for 1 minute and then 2 gentle tilts every 30 secs.
It's a contact print, on ancient Fotospeed Multi-Grade Resin Coated paper.
The lens was a (cough, cough) newly acquired 90mm f8 Super Angulon fitted to my Wista DX - lovely.


  1. Looking forward to resumed service.

    I've never tried TXP320 but have often read about it's qualities. Did you have some frozen up?


  2. Hi Omar - bought two boxes of 5x4" before the prices went up last time. It is a very nice film indeed - very forgiving! That exposure was around 53 seconds at f45 . . and developed in 1:25 Rodinal!
    Shame it isn't available anymore in 120 . .I used to love it in that.
    Nice to hear from you again too Omar - hope everything is going well with you and your family.